History of the company

The beginning of company activity trace back to 1986, when Mr Wiesław Mieczkowski founded MURBET civil partnership. The subject of activity was production of concrete products as suggested its name.

Soon, in 1991 it turned out that the company has a potential of further development. Scope of activity of the enterprise was broadened and covered wholesale sale and retail trade of metallurgical products and construction materials.

The year 2000 turned out to be a breakthrough for the company's future. 

Analysis of needs and expectations of clients and also observation of changes on the European distribution market resulted in a decision made by the owners of MURBET to build a production plant. Investment was performed in the years 2000-2001 on the area of the Special Economic Zone in Ełk.

In October 2001 MG MURBET was registered in the National Court Register, with 6 employees, only.

That was the first step of building a steel service center of flat products.

Company's production profile was determined at the very stage of its investment planning.

Portfolio included strips and sheets, cut to dimensions from steel, galvanized, aluminum and coated sheets. The first market successes and increasing demand allowed to realize strategy of fast development. Extension of the plant, machinery and consequent implementation of new technology solutions contributed to MG MURBET opinion of supreme quality of production standards.

In 2004, that is almost three years after commencement of its operation, it was listed among the biggest independent steel service companies in Poland. One of the pillars of the success was the strategy of searching and providing added value to Customers – the element which comprises conditions at he same time: was in compliance with Clients' preferences and met its expectations, being unique, it is characteristic for the companies offer, only.

Dynamics of development was exemplified not only by increasing production capacity and sales volume, but also by making cooperation with foreign steel-works in terms of purchasing, expansion to new sales markets and introducing new products to the offer.

The result of conscious and deliberate policy on  introduction of new product was launching in 2005 production of totally new product group – steel profiles for dry walls – STEELA Profile. Three years later a hot rolled sheets line was launched. In 2012 portfolio was extended by another new product – perfectly flat sheets made from steel and aluminum. In 2013 production of a completely new product group was started – cold rolled steel sections. In that year a new service was added: collection of scrap from production companies.

The first production shop floor of 2300 sq m was constructed in 2001.

In following years the building was build-up many times. The biggest investment took place in 2007 – a railway side track was connected to the production hall, and the area was extended by over 5000 sq m. In 2012 the construction of another production shop floor of 7000 sq m was accomplished.

Currently total production shop floor is 19000 sq m, that is 8 times more than the original one.


With the opening of the first production-warehouse hall, also the first office-social building of 300sq m was completed.

Construction of a new office of 950 sq m was finished In 2007.

Currently total office space is 2130 sq m. which is 7 times more than the original one.

The first production line was launched in 2001. Those were two cutting lines, one for slitting and  the other cutting to lenght of the coil. Also production in terms of processing of steel flat products.

Additional lines were added systematically in the following years, increasing production capacity of the company. What is important, those were not only quantitative changes. The most crucial breakthrough solutions in the opinion of the Management were the following investments:

  • installing 32 ton overhead crane in 200 enabling processing of bigger steel coils,
  • launching in 2004 a precise line for slitting   10 mm minimal width strips of sheet-metal with high parameters of stamping.
  • Launching in 2005 two technology lines for production of steel profiles for dry walls systems thanks to innovative technology, the only one on the market which really muffle the noise of construction of finished wall,
  • launching in 2008 fully automatic line for production of hot rolled sheets and installing two 40-ton overhead cranes enabling work with the heaviest hot rolled coils,
  • Implementing in 2011 a modern technology of flattening sheets-metal and world class unique system of non-contact packing with possibility of foiling,
  • implementing in 2012 a modern technology in terms of slitting and cutting to the width of sheets-metal up to 12mm, thanks to application of the research result  of the Non-Ferrous Faculty of AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.
  • Launching in 2013 a line for cold profiling of steel-sections.

Currently the machinery of technology lines includes 7 lines for cutting to lenght, 4 slitting lines, 2 production line of profiles for dry wall systems and 1 line for production of cold rolled steel sections.


When registering MG MURBET into The National Court Register of Companies in 2001, there were just 6 employees, 10 years later in 2011 average number of employees exceeded 200 people. Systematic, dynamic increase of the number of employees resulted from increased scale  of company operation, connected with the necessity of holding quality of service on unchanged  level. In the result in process of forming of the organization of the company, the Management has singled out next specialist departments  and   organizational units in charge of effective cooperation with Customers.

Specialists of trade responsible for direct service, that is professional advisers, devoting all of their experience and engagement to Clients' problems; Production planners, taking care for optimization  and and effective usage of raw materials. Production foremen and technologists, supervising compliance with ordered parameters; specialists of transportation in charge of safety and timely deliveries are only some of the users of complex process of Customer service.

Od samego początku działalności strategią biznesową przedsiębiorstwa było budowanie i utrzymywanie długoterminowych relacji z Klientami. Kluczem do kształtowania tych relacji na najwyższym poziomie okazało się indywidualne podejście do potrzeb każdego Kontrahenta, czego efektem było skupienie naszych działań na poszukiwaniu optymalnych dla Klienta rozwiązań oraz systematycznym zaspokajaniu jego potrzeb i wymagań.

We have been efficiently executing even the most demanding orders form our Customers throughout the whole decade. Producing steel and aluminum products for the needs of automotive, household, construction and other branches, we understand perfectly well that the success of our Customers' production undertakings relies to a great extend on our reliability.

Servicing the more and more requiring client groups, we always strive to be perfect, both in quality and in timely deliveries.

Several hundreds companies put their trust in us, representing a wide spectrum of branches, operating on various markets, both domestic and foreign ones. Most of them have established  regular and long term cooperation.

Many of our Customers started their business activities together with us and developed successfully along with us. Some Customers were with us from the very beginning of company existence and what is most important they still cooperate with us.

During past 10 years we did our best to create the best image in the eyes of our Clients.

Consistent pursuance to complex satisfaction of Customers' requirements and needs and constant quality improvement of manufactured products, resulted in implementation of Quality Assurance System certified by ISO 9001 Certificate attained in October 2004. During ten years of functioning our company was awarded with various awards and nominations..

Among most precious ones are: "The Polish Economy Pearl" in the category "Big Pearls" awarded five times in the the years 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ; holding leading place in the ranking of the best companies "Business Gazette 2007" and "Business Gazette 2012" ; nomination to the plebiscite "The Polish Economy Pillars 2007" , "PUDS Silver Wolf" thanks for 10-year activity for the benefit of "The Polish Union of Steel Distributors" ; "Acanthus Aureus" awarded twice , title "The Company of the year 2009" in "Gazeta Współczesna ranking". The latest achievement is the 2012 "Diamond of the Forbes monthly".