Steel processing forerunner
in action

A new Polish laser specialist has just joined our machine park – iNspire 2040 with a capacity of 20kw 6G.

The laser impresses with its capabilities, precision and cutting quality. Our production technology solutions can save costs for clients.

iNspire series laser cutting systems

iNspire laser cutting machines are technologically advanced, precise and dynamic devices dedicated to demanding mass production, e.g. cutting elements for electric motors and elements with complex shapes.



Maximum laser source power



Maximum acceleration



Maximum positioning speed



Accuracy of cutting



Maximum cutting speed






Maximum working area



Maximum weight of one sheet



Maximum thickness of stainless steel



Maximum thickness of carbon steel and aluminum

High power source works perfectly with the machine, time of laser cutting has been reduced to a minimum to ensure the highest efficiency, maintain smooth operation of the machine in order to:

Cuts whole details quickly with the highest quality and efficiently – thanks to the extraordinary acceleration of 6G, it achieves a maximum positioning speed of 350 m/min. and a cutting speed of 150 m/min.

Accurately cuts shapes with regular edges without grinding (cutting accuracy: 0.05mm and repeatability: 0.03mm)

The CraneMasterLinear loading and unloading system is equipped with automatic loading and unloading

This is just the beginning, more machines will join us soon in order to facilitate entire production process – the success of our clients is also our success.

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