By using FLATINIUM® sheets, you will gain productivity increasement and costs reduction:

cutting speed improvement

possibility of full automatization

the repeatability of the product

scrap reduction

cleaned surface

SERWISTAL Sp. z o. o. is the owner of the registered trademark:

The authority issuing and certifying registrations is the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The new product covered by the registered trademark FLATINIUM® is:

  • Authorial, patented sheet production technology
  • Uniformity of sheets on the entire surface and in the cross-section
  • Keeping perfect flatness of the sheets even after laser cutting
  • Reduction and rediration of internal tensions

Technical specifications of sheets

Sheet thickness: 1 – 8 mm
Width range: 400 – 2050 mm
Length range: 1000 – 7000 mm
Surface quality: cleaned and brushed mill scale